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We have a routine pickup within great Memphis area every week, after sending your pickup request, please allow 3-5 business days for us to arrange the pickup from you. Please send us approximately how much material needs to be picked up in the form or email us a list if you have. We will determine if your materials are qualified for a free pickup.  Please check the recyclable material list below to see what electronics scrap we can or can't recycle for you. We only do the pickups for business. We can't do the pickup from residential or individuals.

List of Recyclable Materials

  • Computer and Computer Accessory
  • Laptop Computer
  • Server and Network Equipment
  • LCD Monitors
  • Telephone and Cell Phone
  • Printers and Copier Machines
  • Modem and Cable Boxes
  • Wire and Cables
  • Aluminum and Aluminum Breakage
  • Copper and Copper Bearing Materials

List of Materials We can't take

  • Hazard materials
  • Refrigerator, dish washer,any large household electronics.
  • Old wooden box CRT TV
  • Alkaline or non-recyclable batteries

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